Walking, cycling and riding the preferred mode of transport for Singaporeans: LTA

PHOTO: Edgar Su/Reuters

Singaporeans favour walking, cycling and riding as their preferred modes of transport, said the Land Transport Agency (LTA) on Wednesday (30 January), citing public feedback on the Land Transport Master Plan (LTMP) 2040.

Since August 2018, LTA has received more than 7,000 responses through its public consultation exercise on LTMP 2040. Respondents included members of the public, academics, unions, industry players and transport workers.

The exercise revealed three key findings.

Firstly, walking, cycling and riding are the preferred modes of transport for Singaporeans, who want a convenient, connected and fast land transport system. To facilitate this, “many suggested improving bus travel options and speeds, expanding our MRT network, and building more cycling paths,” said the LTA report.

Secondly, Singaporeans want an inclusive transport system, which means infrastructural improvements like ramps and lifts. “They are prepared to accept slower journeys to allow the less mobile to board and alight from our trains and buses,” said LTA.

Thirdly, Singaporeans want healthier lifestyles, more appealing walking and cycling options, as well as cleaner and quieter roads.

The LTMP Advisory Panel, appointed by the Transport Ministry, will consider the views gathered and finalise its recommendations to the government by the middle of February 2019.

The panel comprises 15 representatives from diverse communities, chaired by Senior Minister of State for Transport and Communications & Information Dr Janil Puthucheary.

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