Washington Post Incoming Executive Editor Robert Winnett Withdraws

Robert Winnett, the British journalist who was set to become the next executive editor of the Washington Post following the 2024 election, will no longer take the role amid ongoing scrutiny over his journalistic ethics.

In a memo to staffers, CEO and publisher Will Lewis — who worked with Winnett closely at the Sunday Times — shared that Winnett would remain at the Telegraph, withdrawing from the top editorial role at the Post.

“It is with regret that I share with you that Robert Winnett has withdrawn from the position of Editor at The Washington Post,” Lewis wrote. “Rob has my greatest respect and is an incredibly talented editor and journalist.”

The Post has been embroiled in controversy since Lewis announced the appointment of Winnett and negative stories began circulating about their work at The Sunday Times that in part relied on stolen phone records, among other ethical quagmires.

On Sunday, The Washington Post uncovered that Winnett was previously tied to a man who admitted to using illegal tactics to obtain confidential information for the Sunday Times.

The Post will “immediately launch a new search for Editor of our core coverage,” the memo reads. “We will soon announce both the recruiting firm and process we will utilize to ensure a timely but thorough search for this important leadership role.”

Matt Murray, who currently occupies the top editorial role, will continue until “after the U.S. elections and also carry forward planning and leading the third newsroom.”

On Tuesday, Jeff Bezos, the owner of the newspaper, assured staffers that journalistic ethics will not be compromised amid the leadership overhaul.

Under the subject line “Quality Journalism,” Bezos said that he “wanted to also weigh in directly” on the situation, as negative stories continue circulating. While Bazos promised that ethics will remain the same, he added “It can’t be business as usual at The Post.”

New leadership, led by Lewis, was brought in to course-correct recent financial struggles for the newspaper, which lost $77 million in 2023.

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