Watch Donald Trump Jr. Strain To Spin Bridge Conspiracy Theory And Attack Joe Biden

Donald Trump Jr. danced around a baseless conspiracy theory about the Baltimore bridge collision on Thursday while stretching it further into an attack on President Joe Biden. (Watch the video below.)

A ship that lost power rammed into a support for the Francis Scott Key Bridge this week and caused it to collapse into the water. At least six people were killed, and the economic impact on the region is expected to be profound. There’s no indication of terrorism or an intentional act, Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley said. That assertion was echoed by U.S. Attorney Erek L. Barron.

But that did not stop the former president’s son from irresponsibly advancing dubious speculation on his “Triggered” podcast while at the same time trying to distance himself from it. He then clumsily imagined Biden withholding the prospect of an attack to presumably score political points for his father, the presumed GOP nominee.

“I’m not going to go and say it because then they’ll say, ‘Don Jr.’s being a conspiracy theorist.’” Trump Jr. said. “But like all conspiracy theories, they turn out to be right, you know, in the future. So I will let other people come out.”

He continued, “The bigger thing is this: If it was an attack, I don’t believe they’d tell us. I don’t believe that Joe Biden or the Democrats and this administration would tell us that it’s an attack. I believe that they would sweep that under the rug because, man, that would be damning if one of these foreign adversaries started taking out our critical infrastructure with cyberattacks on his watch, given all his other failures, in an election year.”

h/t Media Matters for America