How to Watch ‘The Idea of You’: Is Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine’s Rom-Com Streaming?

The real-life Coachella may be over, but the fake one is just getting started in “The Idea of You,” and it’s responsible for an intense love story. So, how can you watch it?

The new film, starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine, centers on Hathaway’s character Soléne Marchand, as she finds herself falling in love with a pop star — a much younger pop star. Hayes Campbell, played by Galitzine, is part of a mega-famous boy band, and naturally, their relationship comes with some struggles.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to watch “The Idea of You” right now.

When does “The Idea of You” come out?

“The Idea of You” will be available to see nationwide on Thursday, May 2, 2024.

Is “The Idea of You” streaming or in theaters?

There have been a lot of theatrical exclusives lately, but this is not one of them. “The Idea of You” is heading straight to streaming on Prime Video, so fans can watch it for free with their subscription.

What is “The Idea of You” about?

“The Idea of You” tells the story of Soléne and Hayes, who meet after Soléne accidentally waltzes into Hayes’ trailer at Coachella. Soléne is there with her teenage daughter, who is a former superfan of Hayes’ boy band, August Moon.

The two quickly fall for each other, despite him being 16 years her junior, and together, they have to navigate fame and all the scrutiny that comes with it.

Is “The Idea of You” based on a true story?

The movie is based on Robinne Lee’s book of the same name. Many people have theorized that the book is based on Harry Styles’ real-life romance with Olivia Wilde (or, at the very least, on Harry Styles fan fiction).

Lee, along with the cast of this movie, have denied that aspect, but the author has admitted that Hayes Campbell is inspired by multiple men, including her own husband, Prince Harry and more.

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