Watch live: Colourful pre-Carnival party hits Rio de Janeiro streets

Watch live as revelers in Rio de Janeiro take to the streets in a pre-Carnival party to warm up their engines on Saturday, 27 January.

The pre-carnival events take place in the weeks leading up to the main carnival, which begins on 9 February and until 17 February.

This year, the annual block party known as “Desliga de Justica” is celebrating its tenth anniversary and has a superhero theme.

Sometimes spelled, ‘Carnaval’, the celebration has become the world’s largest street party, and has its roots in a religious celebration that dates back hundreds of years. It was a way to celebrate the days before Lent – Carnaval means “farewell meat” in Latin.

For eight days the entire city of Rio de Janeiro turns into one giant street party, with elaborate performances and events taking place over the city.