Watch from court after jury finds Hunter Biden guilty on all three counts in gun trial

Watch from outside court in Wilmington, Delaware, after Hunter Biden was convicted by a jury on Tuesday 11 June of lying about his drug use to illegally buy a gun.

A jury found him guilty on all three counts against him, making Hunter Biden the first child of a sitting US president to be convicted of a crime.

The verdict of the 12-member jury must be unanimous on each count.

His trial followed the 30 May criminal conviction of Donald Trump, the first former US president to be found guilty of a felony and the Republican challenger to Joe Biden, a Democrat, in the 5 November election.

The Hunter Biden case was brought by US Department of Justice Special Counsel David Weiss, a Trump appointee.

Mr Weiss has also charged Hunter Biden with three felony and six misdemeanour tax offences in California, alleging he failed to pay $1.4 million in taxes between 2016 and 2019 while spending millions on drugs, escorts, exotic cars and other high-ticket items.

Hunter Biden has pleaded not guilty to those charges. A trial is scheduled for 5 September in Los Angeles.