Watch as European Union elections take place across 27 countries

Watch as elections take place across 27 European Union countries to elect representatives to the European parliament.

Voters in countries including France and Germany will conclude a four-day election on Sunday 9 June, which is expected to shift the assembly to the right and boost the numbers of eurosceptic nationalists.

The election will shape how the European Union, a bloc of 450 million citizens, confronts challenges including a hostile Russia, increased industrial rivalry from China and the United States, climate change and immigration.

Voting began on Thursday in the Netherlands and in other countries on Friday and Saturday, but the bulk of EU votes will be cast on Sunday, with France, Germany, Poland and Spain opening the polls and Italy holding a second day of voting.

The European Parliament has said it will issue an EU-wide exit poll at around 20:30 CET (19:30 BST) and then a first provisional result after 23:00 CET when the final EU votes, in Italy, have been cast.