Watch as French farmers continue to ‘besiege’ Paris by blocking roads for fourth day

Watch as protesting farmers “besiege” Paris by blocking the A4 highway for a fourth day on Thursday 1 February.

On Wednesday night, dozens of farmers who descended on a food market outside the French capital were arrested, as tensions continued to escalate.

The government had warned that disruption at Rungis, a distribution hub which feeds 12 million people, would cross a red line.

Police said about 91 farmers who converged the market are in custody.

Thousands are protesting against declining income, red tape and environmental policies that are pushing costs up in France and Europe more widely.

Convoys of tractors have been blocking key roads into Paris over the past week, while farmers across Germany, Poland, Belgium and Italy are also staging demonstrations.

The protests in France have created a crisis for new prime minister Gabriel Attal, who is only three weeks into the job.

New support measures for the agriculture sector could be announced in the coming days.