Watch as Kamala Harris delivers remarks on Florida’s six-week abortion ban

Watch as Kamala Harris delivers remarks from Jacksonville, Florida, as the state’s six-week abortion ban takes effect on Wednesday 1 May.

The vice president denounced the ban and accused Republican opponent Donald Trump of being responsible for it.

Florida’s Supreme Court cleared the way for a six-week abortion ban, a time frame before many women realize they are pregnant, in early April.

The court also said a ballot measure legalising abortion until viability could be voted on this November, which could benefit Democrats at the polls.

Ms Harris was visiting Jacksonville, a Democratic outpost, where she blamed former president Trump for eliminating abortion rights in the state and talked about the harm inflicted by state abortion bans.

Joe Biden declared “Florida is in play nationally” when he visited last week, indicating Democrats could try to flip the state, which voted Republican in recent presidential elections.