Watch: Keir Starmer outlines pledges in pre-election pitch to voters

Watch as Sir Keir Starmer launched Labour's six "first steps" in a pre-election pitch to voters on Thursday, 16 May.

The opposition leader outlined the party's doorstep offer at a potential electoral battleground in Essex.

Sir Keir spoke to build on the missions for what Labour has branded a “decade of national renewal” should they win when voters go to the polls.

The politician has pledged to deliver economic stability, cut NHS waiting times, launch a new border security command, set up publicly-owned energy firm Great British Energy, crack down on antisocial behaviour and recruit 6,500 new teachers.

Though the proposals will be give to voters in physical form, Labour has steered away from directly comparing this to the pledge card given out by Sir Tony Blair ahead of the landslide 1997 general election.

The Labour leader has insisted the "six steps" are not all the party has to offer, remarking: “I would remind you for example… the national minimum wage was not on the pledge card in 1997, but it was one of the most important achievements of the Labour government, and in a similar vein, our manifesto will be our full offering.”