Watch: MPs and Lords discuss UK arms exports to Israel after airstrike kills Rafah family

Watch as MPs and Lords hold a one-off session on arms exports to Israel at the Business and Trade Committee on Wednesday, 24 April.

Expert witnesses will speak about the relevant legal, political, and military issues impacting UK arms exports to Israel.

The UK has licenced arms worth over £574m to Israel since 2008, according to analysis of Government export data by Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), a UK based pressure group that seeks an end to the global arms trade, referenced in the House of Commons Library.

CAAT has highlighted UK industry contributions to F-35 combat aircraft, which it says are “currently being used in the bombardment of Gaza” following Hamas' October 7 attack in Israel.

It comes after three members of a family from Rafah died and four others were injured following an Israeli military strike on their home in southern Gaza, according to Al Jazeera, which cited information from Civil Defence personnel.

Earlier, the UN expressed “horror” over reports of mass graves being discovered outside two Palestinian hospitals.

The organisation said it was corroborating Gazan officials’ reports that 283 bodies were found at Nasser hospital and 30 at Al Shifa.