Watch live: Keir Starmer gives statement outside Downing Street for first time as prime minister

Downing Street remains quiet this morning (5 July), just hours after the Labour party won the general election in a landslide result.

The Conservative party has lost over 240 seats, with Labour surpassing the majority threshold of 326, with at least 408 under their belts.

Rishi Sunak congratulated Keir Starmer, who spoke of “change” in his winning speech, telling people: It feels good, I have to be honest, four and a half years’ work changing the party - this is what it is for. A changed Labour party.”

Key Conservative names including Liz Truss, Michael Fabricant, and Jacob Rees-Mogg have all lost their seats, while Rishi Sunak has managed to save his in Richmond and Northallerton.

The Tories now hold no seats in Wales.

Other key constituencies that have been snatched from the Tories include: Clacton (by Nigel Farage and Reform UK), Suffolk Coastal (Thérèse Coffey’s seat lost to Labour), and Welwyn-Hatfield.