Watch again as Rishi Sunak kicks off Tory general election campaign in Derbyshire

Watch again as Rishi Sunak kicked off Tory general election campaign in Derbyshire on Tursday (23 May).

Mr Sunak began the first full day of the general election campaign with a visit to a distribution centre in Derbyshire to answer questions from staff.

Speaking to around 50 staff at the warehouse, the prime minister repeated his message that the Conservatives would offer economic stability and “a clear plan”, while Labour would take the UK “back to square one”.

After the astonishing announcement on Wednesday, political parties have wasted no time in launching their campaigns.

Mr Sunak kicked things off touring broadcast studios this morning before visiting all four nations in the UK in two days. During an interview on BBC Breakfast, he announced Rwanda flights won’t take off before the July general election, insisting they will go “if I am re-elected”.

Sir Keir Starmer is also officially launching Labour’s campaign and is heading to the south east of England to turn around key Conservative seats.