Watch again: Vice President Harris addressed US Air Force Academy graduates

Watch again as Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the US Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado on Thursday (30 May).

This was her first address at the ceremony, which launches cadets into the Air Force or Space Force with pomp and the roar of jets.

President Joe Biden spoke last year to graduates, who will become second lieutenants, thanking them for choosing “service over self,” and noting the challenges ahead for the country and the world, from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to America’s rivalry with China.

After greeting graduates with salutes and handshakes, the president took a spill on stage, later saying he’d tripped over a sandbag. He was uninjured.

The commencement in Colorado Springs, Colorado, about an hour’s drive south of Denver, will wrap with graduates pitching their caps into the air as the world-renowned U.S. Air Force Air Demonstration Squadron, the Thunderbirds, zip past overhead.