Watch view of Parliament after Rishi Sunak calls snap general election

Watch again a live view of Parliament on Thursday 23 May, after prime minister Rishi Sunak called a snap general election after months of denial.

The prime minister addressed the nation in the pouring rain on Wednesday, as he battled against the deafening sound of Things Can Only Get Better playing in the background – the 90s hit which famously became a New Labour anthem during Tony Blair’s successful campaign.

In a drenched suit, he said the King had granted his request to dissolve Parliament, and he promised to “fight for every vote” over the next few weeks.

Sir Keir Starmer declared “it’s time for change” and told Britons to vote Labour in response to the PM’s announcement.

He said: “By the force of our democracy, power returns to you. A chance to change for the better your future.”