Watch live view of Taipei skyline after Taiwan earthquake as search for survivors continues

Watch a live view of Taipei after a deadly earthquake rocked the entire island early, collapsing buildings and creating a tsunami that washed ashore on southern Japanese islands.

At least 50 people remain missing after a 7.4-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan’s east coast on Wednesday (3 April), killing nine people and injuring more than 1,000 others.

At least four people have died and more than 50 were injured in the island’s biggest earthquake in 25 years that struck at 7:58am local time around 18km south-southwest of Hualien city at a depth of 35km.

Nine-storey buildings in Hualien, a city that’s popular with tourists, were pictured leaning at a 45-degree angle after the earthquake.

Its effects were felt in China and Taiwanese-controlled islands off the coast of China, according to Wu Chien-fu, the head of Taiwan’s earthquake monitoring bureau.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said a tsunami wave of 30cm (1ft) was detected on the coast of Yonaguni island around 15 minutes after the quake struck.