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Watch Samsung's keynote at CES 2023 in 6 minutes

Samsung announced a new SmartThings hub, which is its first Matter-enabled product.


Samsung introduced new QD-OLED TVs and a 57-inch 8K gaming display, the 2023 Freestyle projector and new Bespoke smart appliances at this year's CES. During the company's keynote, it also talked about its products' new features and upgrades in detail, including a new wash cycle for washing machines that can reduce microplastic pollution.

Presenters talked about SmartThings Workspace, which lets you connect to linked devices remotely, and SmartThings Pet Care, as well. Samsung's pet service can send you alerts when your dogs bark and put on a show or video on a connected display to keep them entertained. Plus, it enables the camera on the brand's robot vacuum to recognize dogs and cats.

In addition, Samsung introduced the latest SmartThings hub, which is its smallest yet. The SmartThings Station, as it's called, has a button that you can use to program smart lights, air conditioner or other home devices like smart blinds. It's the first Samsung product to come with built-in Matter support, giving it the capability to connect with Matter-enabled devices from other manufacturers.

Any content played on the latest Samsung smart TVs can now sync with Philips Hue Lights for immersive lighting effects. The company also talked about the Knox Matrix, its security solution that acts as your private blockchain system for its smart home devices. Finally, Samsung presented the in-cabin car technology it developed in partnership with Harmon, as well as a new display technology called Relumino mode that can help people with low vision to see images more clearly.

You can watch a condensed version of the event to get the gist of Samsung's announcements in the video above.