Watch: YouTuber IShowSpeed confronts Korean fan over alleged use of racial slur


YouTuber IShowSpeed confronted a fan during a trip in South Korea over the latter's alleged use of a racial slur while referring to him.

Key points:

  • IShowSpeed, whose real name is Darren Watkins Jr., confronted the male fan during a livestream about an offensive X post the latter had allegedly written.

  • The post, which contained an N-word in the caption, has since been deleted.

  • The fan denied writing the post, claiming it came from a fake account.

The details:

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  • IShowSpeed, or simply Speed, drew a crowd of fans during his recent visit to South Korea. He collaborated with K-pop girl group Kiss Of Life, but the reception was not universally positive.

  • While livestreaming on the streets, Speed recognized a fan he had met earlier and confronted him about an X post with a racial slur in the caption. It read “I’m hapy I meet ISpeed, I love my n*gger ISpeed.”

  • The fan vehemently denied writing the slur, showing what he claimed to be the original post to prove his innocence.

  • Further investigation revealed that the post originated from an X account that is now unavailable. The fan's apparent original post, which was on Instagram, expressed excitement about meeting Speed.

  • The fan subsequently made another Instagram post, maintaining his innocence and suggesting that Speed may have known it was a misunderstanding.

“I wanted to tell him it was a misunderstanding, haha. I think he knew that it wasn’t me and that it was a fake account. But he was picking on me for fun? Haha. Anyway, thanks to him, I had another fun night.”

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  • However, the fan, whose handle is, included an overlay text of the N-word in his new post while explaining he did not say it.


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