Week 8 Player Props

Andy Behrens, Matt Harmon and Tank Williams offer up their favorite player props for week 8.

Video transcript

ANDY SERWER: [SIGHS] It's prop time, people. Man, nobody stays in character the way Tank Williams does. You know the drill here. We each discuss a favorite NFL prop bet and then decide if we like the over or the under. Man, I was on fire last week, by the way. Tank/Russ, why don't you get us started?

TANK WILLIAMS: Malik Willis over 43 and 1/2 rush yards. And it's pretty simple to me. Did you see me on the sideline the other day when I was like, hey, yo, help our guys out, run, pass? Hey, yo, 96, when you see it, run, pass! Well, hey, with Malik, he's going to run and pass. You get it?

The Houston Texans give up the most rushing yards in the league on defense. It's pretty crazy. We have Derrick Henry. Everyone's going to be focusing on Derrick Henry. So that means who's going to get the major opportunity to just bust it out and just be sort of dangerous on the field? It's Malik.

Look, he's so dangerous, he doesn't even have any highlights. And guess what, I don't have any highlights this year either. But you know what? I'm still dangerous.


ANDY SERWER: I actually love this call. I'm going to take the over here as well. I think you nailed this one. He's-- he steps right into a situation where there's really nobody to throw to in Tennessee. He's a gifted runner with a great matchup. I think he goes over this total. In fact, I think he probably goes over, like, 60 rushing yards. Matt, do you agree?

MATT HARMON: I do agree. This is going to be one of those situations when you get your fire Pokemon going against the grass Pokemon, and you just use flamethrower, flamethrower, flamethrower, flamethrower, flamethrower over and over again? This going be one of those situations where Malik Willis is just running and running and running and running and running. And I could see him having more rush attempts than pass attempts in this game. So yeah, 100%, give me the over on this one.

ANDY SERWER: It's a good call. What is your prop this week?

MATT HARMON: I mean, just for a second here, I came in so hot last week, just dunking on Tank left and right, dunking on Andy a little bit too but mostly Tank. It's unfortunate we have Russ here today and not Tank.

And then I just-- I go the over on Michael Gallup, and he gets stoned, 0 yards, missed 51 and 1/2 by just a little bit there, Mike. So I love pain so much. So I'm going to give myself 33 and 1/2 receiving yards but take the over on Elijah Moore there.

[LAUGHS] I mean, this is a guy that didn't even play last week, right? Got benched because he wants to get traded, the whole thing going on there. Oh, my god. I'm going to I'm going to assume that with Corey Davis out and them needing to kind of mend the fences here with Elijah Moore that he goes over 33 and 1/2. They make a concentrated effort to get him the ball because also, by the way, they need to do it. They need him in this game, without Breece Hall, again without Corey Davis--

I think Elijah Moore goes over 33 and 1/2 receiving yards. But hey, I'm going to throw this one to Russ down here. Zach Wilson's been about as bad as you are this year, actually probably even a little bit worse. So are you going over on this one? You think-- you think-- Wilson to Wilson, you think Wilson can get more of the ball here?


TANK WILLIAMS: Trust me, I'm the king of petty. I used to love Pete Carroll and not even speak to him when we went up to Seattle and we played them this year, and they beat us. And Geno didn't write back. And I'm still pissed off about that. Like, how do people still-- like, oh, Geno didn't write back? All of a sudden, that's popular. I say, let's ride, and then y'all are still on me. Like, no.

I don't like anything you have to say. And I don't like-- I don't like him. I don't even-- who is that? Who is Elijah-- who is Elijah Moore? If your last name isn't Wilson, I don't know you, and I don't want to know you. No, no, I'm not going.


ANDY SERWER: Yeah, I'm-- that was a great explanation, by the way, Russ. Thank you for that. I'm going to-- I'm going to go-- I'm going to go under on this as well. I just can't. I just can't with Zach Wilson and Elijah Moore. Like, I understand the argument about the-- I don't know. Are we calling Elijah Moore a diva receiver who's complaining and then has to get fed? I don't know, maybe.

But Zach Wilson is doing the feeding. Elijah Moore has barely been a rumor all season. I can't do it. If he catches-- if he catches 1 pass, 2 passes, that's a huge win. I don't think he gets to 33 and 1/2.

My prop this week-- and I'm taking it under. I don't love taking unders. But all these lines on Atlanta players are just too inviting. Marcus Mariota, 161 and 1/2 passing yards? No, that's not going to happen. He's definitely going under this total. He hasn't hit this number since September. It's been four weeks, and he hasn't even approached it.

Last week, listen, they attempted 13 passes in a game in which they lost by three scores. In fact, they were down 21-0 in the first half. They attempted 13 passes. There is no way Mariota is getting anywhere near 160 passing yards. I am taking the under on this.

I got an under on Kyle Pitts that helped me last week. Harmon, do you agree?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I will not be going optimistic on the Atlanta passing game again this week. So I will join you on the under after being an idiot last week.


ANDY SERWER: Russ, can we sweep it?


TANK WILLIAMS: Does Marcus Mariota I have a popular saying that anyone on social media knows about?


Oh, he doesn't?

ANDY SERWER: Not that I'm aware of.

TANK WILLIAMS: Over. Let's ride.


TANK WILLIAMS: Come on, Marcus, let's ride! Let's ride!

ANDY SERWER: Woo, all right. Well, let's take a look at the standings in prop country here entering week eight. Look at me. Look at me making a move. I mean, I see Harmon there in the gold-- in the gold box.

MATT HARMON: Still here.

ANDY SERWER: But I see a 1-2 last week. I see him trending down. 3-0 right here.

TANK WILLIAMS: I'm feeling dangerous.


Still feeling dangerous.


ANDY SERWER: I am surging right now, absolutely surging.