Your weekly horoscope by Sade Jackson (12 - 18 April)

Looking to the stars with Sade The Astrology Vixen  (Adrian Swancar Unsplash)
Looking to the stars with Sade The Astrology Vixen (Adrian Swancar Unsplash)

Aries: This cosmic season has been hot and wild, and you have a bucket full of personal power to help you cross any bridge — no matter what’s going on in the larger scene.

Taurus: Have you ever noticed that the higher you climb, the more your fear of failure intensifies? You’re simply stretching into new skin. Doubt is a symptom of fresh growth; don’t think otherwise.

Gemini: You might feel as though you’re flying into Neverland, like you’re in your own world and among the clouds. You need this time to choose the new dreams you will begin to pursue next month.

Cancer: The opportunity to make a new emotional commitment to your ambitions is on the horizon. Where have you become distracted by tiny, insignificant details? Consider the bigger picture.

Leo: Forget what you think work should look like, especially if it’s weighing down on your creativity. You’re on the brink of a whole new chapter, so buy a new notebook and write down your vision.

Virgo: Considering who you choose to orbit romantically will reveal aspects of yourself that you’ve probably kept tucked away. What part of you needs to be nudged to the forefront?

Libra: You’ve been shedding old identities and labels that people have placed on you. This week is about embracing the new identity you want to create for yourself. Whatever it looks like, wear it with pride.

Scorpio: You should approach your dating life as though you were cooking one of your favourite meals. If you receive an offer for a date, tune in to your intuition. What craving is itching to be scratched?

Sagittarius: You’re on the cusp of a whole new chapter in your working life. To welcome it with open arms, get clear on which mentors you’d like to learn from and consider what environment best serves your needs.

Capricorn: What changes to your family life could make things easier for you? Remember, it’s okay to renegotiate what you’ve agreed to in the past, especially if you’ve outgrown that version of yourself.

Aquarius: Overworking yourself because you want to appear to be doing something important? Or are you filling your time with things that you genuinely care about? It’s time to recognise the difference.

Pisces: The revelations to come will revolve around how much to invest financially in what makes you feel good in a sustainable way. Go and take that course your inner child has been yearning for.