Wes Welker proud of his full head of hair after he has hair transplant

Well, well Wes Welker, look who has a head of beautiful, bushy hair now.

No, no, it's cool. Good for you. No jealousy at all. Not mad that, as you told USA Today, you had a spiffy hair transplant procedure done last year and went from balding to a full head of hair. No, even though some of us are stuck with the horror of male pattern baldness and there's not a headband in the world big enough to cover up our receding hairline, you just go ahead with your wonderful hair, Wes Welker.

Here's what Welker did, for those of you that can still save yourselves. The Denver Broncos receiver went to Dr. Robert Leonard in Rhode Island last year and got a hair transplant, USA Today said. While it's usually taboo to do basically anything that can become a running joke in a football locker room, Welker is quite happy to talk about the hair transplant and his new hairline, which is now marching forward like the Broncos' offense against the Raiders.

Go ahead, Wes. Rub it in.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about,” he said. “If you want to have hair, have hair. I don’t like to sit there and say ‘What are you talking about? I never got my hair done.” People can notice it without wondering.”

Welker said he had the hair transplant procedure done last year, and it takes about 18 months before it's fully in place. He told USA Today you can see a difference after 12 months.

Here's what we imagine Welker will look like once the entire procedure has taken hold:

Welker is not only one of the best receivers in recent NFL history, catching passes from Tom Brady for years and now moving onto Peyton Manning, but he now has added a flowing mane of hair to go with it.

Live it up, Welker.

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