What to expect at the Opening Ceremony of the 8th ASEAN Para Games

Photo: Yahoo Newsroom

Tickets for the Opening Ceremony of the upcoming ASEAN Para Games go on sale Friday (23 Oct).

Held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, 1500 tickets are available for the Ceremony on 3 December.

The theme of this year’s opening ceremony is inclusiveness. All performances are anchored and inspired by a person of disability.

Bertrand Lee, Associate Visual Director of the Opening Ceremony, cited the athletes as a main source of inspiration. “[Shooter] Aishah [Samad] is a quadriplegic so she has to overcome a lot, I think even more than me. Basically for us, not for me, even for her, it’s so hard to even basically walk. To think that she is even competing, you’d think that she has to put in a thousand times more effort. Two thousand times more effort just to be a part of the games and that itself is very awe-inspiring for me.”

As a landmark move towards inclusiveness, the event will also feature ‘live’ sign language interpretation and live captioning for the first time in Singapore broadcasting to cater to Singaporeans who have hearing problems.

“I think you will expect to see some special effects that are typical of an indoor theatre production,” said Lim Teck Yin, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Singapore ASEAN Para Games Organising Committee.

Neoh Yew Kim, 21, is one of the hearing-impaired song-signers participating in the ceremony. She performed part of her segment on Tuesday at Kallang Theatre during a media preview of one of the performances. She told Yahoo Singapore she was nervous yet excited about performing and has been working hard to remember all her moves. “I had a few days to memorise the poem and remember the movement because my memory is not very good, but I try very hard and practice my song at home in front of the mirror which really helps me to remember. Then from there, I manage to improve a lot,” she said.

Tickets are available from Sports Hub Tix at $20, with a concession price of $10 for youth aged between two and 18, seniors 50 and above and NSF.