While Y’all Were Raging About ‘Barbie’ Noms, This Huge Snub Flew Under The Radar

The Academy announced this year’s Oscar nominations on Tuesday morning, and, like clockwork, several deserving actors and projects were overlooked. Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig’s snubs for “Barbie” easily dominated that conversation, even getting a shoutout from Hillary Clinton.

The big snub that wasn’t as widely discussed, however, was Fantasia Barrino for her raw and emotional portrayal in Blitz Bazawule’s retelling of “The Color Purple.” For Barrino’s name not to appear among the Best Actress in a Leading Role nominations was a huge oversight.

It was impossible not to feel Barrino as Celie, as she was able to breathe new life into the character. She made Celie her own, delivering a gut-wrenching and extraordinary performance. Even in places where the film fell flat, Barrino, who also played Celie in the Broadway musical, absolutely shined.

Several people on X, the site formerly known as Twitter, shared their thoughts about the snub.

Danielle Brooks received the only nomination for “The Color Purple.” Brooks, who gave one of the most stellar performances this year as Miss Sophia, received a nod for Best Supporting Actress.

On this week’s “I Know That’s Right,” I break down some highlights and snubs from the Oscar nominations (that don’t include “Barbie”), and I chat with entertainment writer Shanelle Genai about “Rap Sh!t” and the alarming number of canceled Black TV shows:

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