Whoopi Goldberg Has Blunt Personal Message For 'Little Snowflake' Trump

Whoopi Goldberg on Monday fired back at Donald Trump after the former president attacked her on his Truth Social website.

Trump shared a meme that falsely claimed Goldberg was planning to move to Canada if he wins the election.

“Canada doesn’t want you Whoopi, NOBODY DOES!!!” Trump wrote.

Goldberg dismissed Trump as “that man” and “you-know-who” as she delivered a fact-check Monday on “The View.”

“Look, I’m not going anywhere,” she said. “And it’s not for the reason ― you little snowflake ― it’s not for the reason you think.”

She said it’s not because “nobody” wants her, as Trump posted.

“Honey, it wouldn’t matter if no one here wanted me,” she said. “But I know where I’m going to be ’cause I got a contract, so I’m going to be here where I’m wanted for the next couple years.”