Who's who in the new League of Legends boy band HEARTSTEEL featuring ØZI and EXO’s Baekhyun

Heartsteel will be a collaboration between Riot Games and music artists Baekhyun, Toby Lou, ØZI, and Cal Scruby.

Heartsteel is a new boy band by Riot Games for League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)
Heartsteel is a new boy band by Riot Games for League of Legends. (Photo: Riot Games)

It’s been a while since leaks and teasers have been circulating about the newest League of Legends (LoL) band, and finally, Riot Games unveiled more details about it on Monday (16 October).

"Heartsteel" is the most recent addition to Riot Games Music (RGM), famed for virtual music bands like Pentakill, K/DA, and True Damage, among others.

“The idea of an all-male band has long been speculated on by fans, and we’re so excited to bring this fantasy to life,” said Maria Egan, Global Head of Music & Events at Riot Games Entertainment, in a press release.

“HEARTSTEEL is a deep collaboration between all our talented in-house creative teams and some incredible new artists,” she added.

The group’s unique character and sound draw from modern music collectives and a wide range of influences and eras, resulting in a bold identity.

Heartsteel will make their debut with their first song and music video titled “Paranoia”, which will be released next Monday (23 October) at 11pm SGT on all major listening platforms.

Who are the members of Heartsteel?

The band includes re-imagined versions of beloved LoL champions Ezreal (vocalist), Kayn (rapper, instrumentalist), Aphelios (instrumentalist, songwriter), and Yone (producer), with the group co-lead by K’Sante (vocalist) and Sett (vocalist/rapper). This will also feature a collaboration with celebrated music artists across a spectrum of genres:


Ezreal will be voiced by Baekhyun of EXO. (Photo: Riot Games)
Ezreal will be voiced by Baekhyun of EXO. (Photo: Riot Games)

LoL’s Prodigal Explorer Ezreal takes the spotlight as one of the vocalists of the group.

In the group photo, Ezreal sports mint green hair and seems to have quite a lively personality as he makes a face for the camera.

According to his bio in this alternate world, he first "rose to rose to stardom through a manufactured bubblegum-pop hit," and through Heartsteel, "he’s found new freedom in controlling what he creates."

Riot Games Music also released a tweet on some items that are seemingly Ezreal’s – the body bag with colourful pins, a couple of stylish sunglasses, multiple Polaroid photos a plushie of himself, lip balm, and some colourful candy scattered on the table.

He will be voiced by BAEKHYUN, a member of K-pop group EXO and Super M, and has also released three solo mini-albums and a handful of singles and OSTs.

Baekhyun will be lending his massive vocal range and smooth head tones to Ezreal, who seems to be quite the life of the party.

Sett (ØZI)

Sett, Heartsteel's founder, will be voiced by ØZI. (Photo: Riot Games)
Sett, Heartsteel's founder, will be voiced by ØZI. (Photo: Riot Games)

The Boss of Ionia’s criminal underworld, Sett, is also part of the band. Sporting his signature red hair and his Vastayan Wolverine ears, Sett started the band after being dropped from his first label. Inspired by the bold, aggressive styles of hip-hop, Sett also designed the group's outfits for the PARANOIA music video.

A teaser about him was posted by Riot Games Music, which with one look, anyone would say that he would be the group’s “Gym buff,” judging by the black and yellow duffle bag, some wristbands, protein bars, dumbbells, a kettle ball, and some headphones.

Sett will be voiced by Yi “ØZI” Fan Chen, a Taiwanese singer-songwriter with an illustrious career in the Mandarin Music scene. ØZI will be lending his penchant for a blend of Western hip-hop and Taiwanese pop to the band, which will surely be an interesting addition to this very diverse group of artists.

K’sante (Tobi Lou)

K'sante is the creative director of Heartsteel, and he will be voiced by Tobi Lou. (Photo: Riot Games)
K'sante is the creative director of Heartsteel, and he will be voiced by Tobi Lou. (Photo: Riot Games)

K’sante, the Pride of Nazumah, will be joining the group as one of the co-leads and vocalists of the group, as well as the creative director.

From the looks of K’sante’s things, which Riot Games Music have posted, we believe he might have a thing for fashion, style, and a bit of elegance.

In the photo, we see a classy burnt sienna leather duffle bag, what seems to be teal leather palms, designer glasses, and car keys that seem to hint at luxury. There’s also a tablet where K’sante seems to be designing a teal vest that might go well with the teal leather palms.

Let’s not forget that he has a bottle of designer perfume beside his bag—plus points for prioritising smelling good.

Chicago-raised Nigerian Toby Lou, a multi-talented artist who fuses hip-hop, R&B, and pop into one unique sound, will be the voice of K’sante.

Kayn (Cal Scruby)

Kayn, Heartsteel's rebel will be voiced by Cal Scrubby. (Photo: Riot Games)
Kayn, Heartsteel's rebel will be voiced by Cal Scrubby. (Photo: Riot Games)

The Shadow Reaper Kayn is another of the group’s rappers, and with the looks of what’s in his bag, we think he’s poised to be the group’s rebel.

A twisted paperclip for lockpicking, some matches, multiple safety pins, a black bag with chains, red and black earphones, spray paint, and a pentakill guitar pick all scream rocker, but that’s seemingly not the case.

Kayn will be voiced by Cal Scrubby, a rapper from Los Angeles who has gained fame for his offbeat visuals and clever lyrics.

Aphelios (Instrumentalist, Songwriter)

Aphelios is the
Aphelios is the "quiet genius" behind Heartsteel's music. Of course, with the help and encouragement of his twin sister, Alune. (Photo: Riot Games)

Aphelios may not have a voice artist behind him, but being the group’s instrumentalist and songwriter, he's said to be "the quiet genius." Aphelios dons a dark teal undercut and a long-sleeved black cowl neck.

His bag has the makings of a songwriter, with a mini keyboard and a midi drum pad, a bag seemingly fit for more equipment, and a black planner with multiple stickers and highlights.

A cute easter egg from his bag of things includes some packed snacks with a note in Korean that says “jal meog-eo” or “Eat well”, from “Lunie,” who is obviously the twin sister of Aphelios, Alune. We’re not crying; you are.

Yone (Producer)

Finally, we have Yone the Unforgotten as the team’s producer. We probably won't hear his voice, but we imagine he calls all the shots for the group. I mean, look at him standing from afar with his high ponytail and judging us and his bandmates.

It was said that Yone used to be a producer for international hits, but was disillusioned by the industry. Now revitalised by Heartsteel, he "brings an analytical focus and sharp production skills to the band."

Yone’s bag has the makings of an organised manager: a clear bag with neat pockets and organisers, a laptop, a black smartwatch, some headphones, a charger, a mini bag with travel essentials, hand cream, and of course, some mini ceremonial incense sticks (he still has Ionian duties after all).

Are you excited for their debut? Which member do you find most interesting? You can pre-save “Paranoia” before its release here.

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