Why Fans Think Travis Kelce Is Starring in Pringles' Super Bowl Ad

On Wednesday, Pringles teased their upcoming Super Bowl ad with a photo of an unidentified celeb's mustache

<p>Pringles</p> Pringles teases 2024 Super Bowl commercial


Pringles teases 2024 Super Bowl commercial

Is Travis Kelce joining forces with Pringles just in time for the 2024 Super Bowl? Fans on social media certainly think so.

On Wednesday, Pringles announced it's returning to Super Bowl Sunday with a new commercial for the seventh straight year in the row. As in year's past, the company's ad will include a celebrity, but they're keeping mum on who the celeb will be for now.

Pringles teased the upcoming ad on Instagram with a split photo featuring the Pringles man from the can next to a mystery celebrity with a handlebar mustache. "Once you see it... you can't unsee it," the text on the pic reads.

In the caption, the company added, "The big game’s almost here, so we’re upping our ‘stache game. Who do you think it belongs to?"

<p>Pringles</p> Pringles teases mystery celeb who will appear in new Super Bowl commercial


Pringles teases mystery celeb who will appear in new Super Bowl commercial

The number one guess in the comments section so far is Kelce, 34. The Kansas City tight end is known for having a strong 'stache game, and he also had a huge year in 2023 thanks to both his performance on the football field and his high-profile relationship with Taylor Swift.

Additionally, Kelce is no stranger to commercials. In the past year, he's appeared in ads for Campbell's, DirecTV, Pfizer and Experian, among others. In December, The Wall Street Journal reported the NFL star was featured in more game day ads than any other celebrity.

<p>Will Heath/NBC via Getty</p> Travis Kelce

Will Heath/NBC via Getty

Travis Kelce

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Add in his popular podcast with brother Jason Kelce, who recently announced he's retiring from the NFL, and his successful Saturday Night Live hosting gig in March 2023, and it becomes clear that Kelce is having a major moment. But that doesn't guarantee he's Julius Pringles' doppelgänger.

There are plenty of other celebrities with famous mustaches who could star in the ad, including Jason Sudeikes, whose mustachioed character Ted Lasso first came to life in a series of NBC Sports commercials.

Whoever stars in Pringles' 2024 Super Bowl commercial will be in good company. Past celebs who have appeared in the brand's game day spots include Bill Hader and Meghan Trainor.

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Pringles Meghan Trainor in Pringles 2023 Super Bowl Ad
Pringles Meghan Trainor in Pringles 2023 Super Bowl Ad

Trainor appeared in the Kellogg company's 2023 ad, which focused on just how common it is to get your hand stuck in the Pringles can as you go after that last, elusive chip. At the time, the "Made You Look" singer told PEOPLE she believed she got the call to be in the commercial because she was expecting her second child, Barry, at the time, and "babies bring good luck."

"I think babies bring good luck," she said. "I fully believe that because a couple weeks after I found out I was pregnant, we got a call. [Pringles] asked me to be in their big game commercial, and I was like, 'Me? Are they sure?' I was crying."

She added: "I teared up and called my family. My brothers are big sports guys, so they were like, 'Oh my God!' It was like I won a Grammy all over again. It was the best call of my life."

Super Bowl LVIII airs Feb. 11 on CBS.

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