Why has my WhatsApp gone green? Design change leaves users with mixed feelings

iOS users were surprised by the change in colour scheme of their WhatsApp  (PA)
iOS users were surprised by the change in colour scheme of their WhatsApp (PA)

Some WhatsApp users have logged onto the app to see that the colour scheme had changed to green, after previously being blue.

This marked a change from the original colour scheme – and not a welcome one for many.

Several users took to X to complain about the change, with one writing: “Who the hell told Whatsapp that all this green was a good idea??”.

Let’s take a look at why the change took place – and why it only affected iOS users.

Why has WhatsApp gone green?

WhatsApp has turned green as the result of a widespread update to “bring a modern, new experience to WhatsApp” and “make it more accessible and easier to use”, according to Meta.

Everyone will soon see the change roll out, with it staggered across users at first. It’s not something you can opt out of so, even if you prefer the old blue colour, you’ll soon need to get to grips with going green.

All iOS devices will receive the change, updating to match the green branding of the app as a whole.

For Android devices, the icon was already green but the exact shade will also change – although less noticeably.

These aren’t the only changes in store for iOS WhatsApp users, either. As well as switching the colour from blue to green, WhatsApp has also changed the appearance of some of its icons and buttons on iOS.

The shape and colour of the logos and icons that you see on your smartphone will look different, and there’s also been more space added in between various in-app buttons to promote easier accessibility.

For Android users, there are different updates coming, as WhatsApp plans to make dark mode even darker and add more white space to light mode for easier reading.

On top of that, the WhatsApp logo will now appear in the Chats tab and the tabs previously at the top of the screen will now appear at the bottom.