Wild elephant gently flips truck and halts traffic on road in Thailand

A wild elephant gently flipped over a truck while crossing the road and brought traffic to a halt in Thailand, showed a viral video.

The incident occured in Bangkok’s Khao Ang Rue Nai wildlife sanctuary in the eastern Tha Takiap district on Saturday.

Passerbys noticed the elephant pushing over the truck amid concerns that the wild animal had wandered onto the road and thought the truck carried food, reported The Nation Thailand.

The nearly minute-long video captured from a car behind the truck showed the elephant slowly inspecting the vehicle using its trunk as other vehicles on the stretch stopped behind it.

Within seconds, the elephant is seen pushing the truck to its right and toppling the vehicle as passengers in the car recording the video are heard expressing shock.

The man who recorded the video, identified only as Tao, said he could not believe a wild elephant used its trunk to push the truck away.

He and his family were travelling to Chonburi when the incident took place.

The man reached out to wildlife sanctuary officials who reached the spot and helped the elephant move away.

Officials also helped the truck driver safely exit his vehicle after which he managed to come out without any injuries, the report said.

This is not an isolated incident of human animal conflict in Bangkok as elephants have increasingly come into contact with locals near the wildlife sanctuary in the recent past.

In December, some villagers in Prachin Buri reported waking up to the sounds of wild elephants knocking on their doors due to hunger at 1am.

Locals said the elephants ventured into the area and were found in their gardens likely in an attempt to find food.