Wild Rift celebrates 2nd year with Patch 3.4: Power Spike Party

Wild Rift champions jumping away from an explosion
Riot is celebrating Wild Rift's 2nd year anniversary with a 2-month long patch celebration called Power Spike Party. (Photo: Riot Games)

The next League of Legends: Wild Rift update will be huge, as developer Riot Games celebrates the game’s second-year anniversary with Patch 3.4: Power Spike.

A preview video released on Monday (5 September) showed players what Riot has planned for the event, including new champions, items, enchants, events, and even a new game mode.

The updates will begin on 15 September and will continue to trickle down in the coming weeks until 16 November.

Here’s what you can expect in Wild Rift's second-year anniversary update:

New Champions

New champions Gwen, Yone, Warwick, and Vex
Four new champions are coming in 3.4: Gwen, Yone, Warwick, and Vex (Photo: Riot Games)

Four new champions are joining the battle! Two top laners, a new mid laner and a jungler-top laner are all coming to the mobile Rift.

Gwen, The Hallowed Seamstress, makes her way to the top lane with her huge scissors in hand.

Players beware; while she has a really cute appearance, she’s been a deadly top lane pick in League of Legends (LoL).

Her invulnerability is quite difficult to deal with, and her kit isn’t as intuitive to play against, unlike other champions.

Since there has been no news on how she works in Wild Rift, we’ll have to assume she’ll have a pretty similar kit.

Yone, the Unforgotten, is going to be a flex pick in the mid and top lane, although he’s more popular up top in LoL.

Yasuo’s brother follows him on the Rift, and we wonder, will their reunion be unhappy again?

Will Yone be stronger than Yasuo? Of course, the answer depends on the player.

Vex, the Gloomist, may always have a “meh” expression, but don’t underestimate this tiny bundle of power.

This emo yordle is currently one of the top picks in the mid lane in LoL, so we’re not expecting any less from her in Wild Rift.

Warwick, the Uncaged Wrath of Zaun, was one of the original 17 champions from LoL, and he’s finally coming to Wild Rift!

Warwick is mainly a jungle pick, but some players like to flex him in the top lane.

As long as there’s blood flowing, expect Warwick to be there.

Items and Enchants

These are the six new items, and two new enchants that will be part of 3.4 (Photo: Riot Games)
These are the six new items, and two new enchants that will be part of 3.4 (Photo: Riot Games)

The AP item system is getting some upgrades, including changes to items like Liandry’s Torment and some new ones like Cosmic Drive.

Some support starting items are also coming, like the Spectral Sickle and Relic Shield.

If you have an ally close by, you can use the charges from either item to exert pressure in the lane and earn more gold.

Some Support Enchants are being added, and others are being improved to complement the items.

Here are all the new items and enchants:

Riftmaker grants you omnivamp and gives you a stack when fighting champions. Each stack increases your damage output. When the additional damage reaches its maximum stacks, it becomes true damage.

Serpent’s Fang will make assassins much stronger.

Described as an anti-shielding AD assassin output, this item works exactly like its PC counterpart, except it is more effective for melee users and reduces both current and future shields for a short period of time after the Serpent's Fang user hits an enemy champion. Karma mains, beware.

Imperial Mandate works very similar to its PC counterpart: it gives bonus damage and marks enemies that you slow down or stop from moving. Then, allies can use the marks to do more damage and move faster.

Cosmic Drive triggers when dealing damage to an opposing champion, after which active abilities and empowered attacks grant Ability Haste as Movement Speed.

This speed degrades over time. Hyperdrive, the other passive component of Cosmic Drive, will also grant you movement speed.

Relic Shield lets you earn gold to turn it into Targon's Buckler.

When a friendly champion is nearby, using an ability or attack to kill minions with health below a certain threshold costs a charge.

Killing a minion rewards you and your ally with a percentage of the kill gold and healing you. These effects regenerate.

Spectral Sickle gives you more AD when you're close to an allied champion and makes your damaging abilities and attacks against enemy champions or structures grant gold.

This effect regenerates every second. You can turn this item into Harrowing Crescent by selling it for gold.

Meteor Enchant enchant lights up an area and then summons a meteor, delivering magic damage equal to a percentage of each enemy's maximum health.

Protect Enchant makes the next heal or shield ability you use enhanced. It has no effect on item or rune heals or shields.

New Experimental Game Mode: Duel Mode (1v1)

This game mode is a first for both LoL and Wild Rift.

This will be a 1v1 duel in the Howling Abyss, so there’s only one lane.

We’re expecting this new mode to come and go while it’s on the experimental stage.

Wild Pass

The Wild Pass has a new progression System. Superhero Jayce is featured as the next Wild Pass reward. (Photo: Riot Games)
The Wild Pass has a new progression System. Superhero Jayce is featured as the next Wild Pass reward. (Photo: Riot Games)

There are some changes to the Wild Pass progress and reward claiming process.

The "Bonus Rewards" section has been replaced with the "Wild Pass Emporium."

The Pass progression system is shifting from a linear path for Levels 51–75 to an Exchange, where prizes may be claimed in any order.

If you get enough rewards from the Emporium, you can get the upgraded Wild Pass Skin Augment.

There are also two new methods to get experience. All players will have a series of basic, repeatable missions to do while playing matches to earn a steady supply of Wild Pass Experience.

These missions have a weekly limit and reset, providing players with consistent momentum just by coming in and playing games.

New Seasonal Missions are also being introduced for Elite Pass customers to help them get all of the prizes they want in the Wild Pass Emporium.

Lastly, people who buy the Elite Pass will get a new Random Skin chest at level 1. Instead of getting a random skin, you can choose to get a skin for a specific lane role, such as Solo Lane, Mid Lane, Jungle Lane, Duo Lane, or Support.


The Supreme Cells Event is an idle event that you can play even when not queueing up for games. (Photo: Riot Games)
The Supreme Cells Event is an idle event that you can play even when not queueing up for games. (Photo: Riot Games)

New events are also lined up for this patch, starting with Yone’s Arrival, which means new missions and new rewards.

The Supreme Cells Event is a high-stakes martial arts tournament in the form of an idle game that lets you train a fighter to participate in the tournament to earn rewards. You can play this event even if you don’t have time to queue up for games daily.

The Power Spike Party is the 2nd year anniversary special where Riot will give out freebies to all players during the event.

And finally, the Bewitching Vex Bingo Event will be Wild Rift’s way of bringing a smile to everyone’s faces as they welcome the most emo champion.

New Skins

Nine new skins are also coming in 3.4, including Bewitching Morgana and Crystal Rose Yone. (Photo: Riot Games)
Nine new skins are also coming in 3.4, including Bewitching Morgana and Crystal Rose Yone. (Photo: Riot Games)

The Superhero Jayce and Ascended Superhero Jayce skins are both coming to the Rift via the Wild Pass. Players can also expect Glorious Crimson Draven for the Season 7 Ranked Reward. And finally, nine other new skins for different champions will also be available:

  • Space Groove Gwen

  • Bewitching Vex

  • Bewitching Morgana

  • Bewitching Miss Fortune

  • Supreme Cells Kennen

  • Supreme Cells Sett

  • Supreme Cells Zed

  • Old God Warwick

  • Crystal Rose Yone

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