Wisma Atria workers in shock over death of Indonesian man

An Indonesian man fell to his death at Wisma Atria on Thursday night

Sales assistant Valerie (not her real name) was coming towards the end of her shift on Thursday night when she heard a loud thud outside her shop located on the ground floor of Wisma Atria.

She turned around and saw a horrible sight; a man lying motionless on the floor, in a pool of blood.

"I panicked and quickly turned away. I saw a Malay man who was standing near my store, running towards the man.

"Another man carrying a stethoscope rushed down from the upper floors and knelt down next to him. I think he was a doctor because he attempted to resuscitate the victim by doing CPR," she added.

According to Valerie the police and SCDF came shortly after to attend to the man.

Shocked but back at work

Valerie, who went back to work on Friday afternoon despite being in shock, said the incident upset her greatly.

“It is horrible for a life to end in such a way. But I have to carry on working, though I am still shaken by it. Life goes on,” she said.

Dolly Kaur, who also works at Wisma Atria, was off work on Thursday night and got a shock when she heard the news.

The sales assistant told Yahoo Singapore on Friday (11 December) that a colleague who was working during the time of the incident told her about it via SMS.

Dolly, who works in one of the shops on the first floor, said her colleague told her there was a lot of blood on the floor.

Dolly, who was working on Friday morning, said she pitied the victim.

“When I came to work this morning, I did say a prayer for the victim.”

Indonesian man dead

Police, who are investigating the case as unnatural death, say they received a call requesting for assistance at 9.46 pm on Thursday.

“A 48 year-old man was conveyed unconscious to the Singapore General Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries,” said a police spokesperson, adding that the victim was an Indonesian national.

According to local media reports, the man fell from the fifth floor of the mall and landed near to the escalator on the second floor.

In an email to Yahoo Singapore, a spokesperson for YTL Starhill Global REIT, said the man appeared to have jumped from near the 5th floor escalator.

“The property manager is currently assisting the police department in their investigation,” said the spokesperson.