Woman claims a TikTok repost update is on the way

Staying up to date on your favorite apps doesn’t just involve being hip to the latest trends. It also means having the latest version of the app and knowing how to use it properly.

A few weeks ago, TikTok user Kim Mee Lee (@Kimmeelee) posted a video diving into the potential updates for TikTok’s app, specifically the reposting feature and how to use it.

Reposting is a very simple thing to do. All you have to do is hit the share button and click the orange/yellow repost button. From there, others will see the videos you repost. This acts in the same way retweets do on Twitter.

“I previously made a video saying that I thought TikTok reposting lasted for forever and a lot of people said, ‘No.’” she said at the beginning of her video.

“Reposting has just shown up on my profile as a tab, so I can now scroll and see every single video I have ever reposted.”

Lee’s assertion would be a crucial one if proven true, as users would then have access to the popular reposting feature.

Although Mee Lee and other creators are seeing the reposting tab, not everyone is seeing the same thing.

“i have a question i always repost videos i repost 24/7 but when i click the repost tab on my profile it shows nothing,” asked @vxpowerx under Mee Lee’s video.

“How do I get it,” said @allimessina.

According to Mee Lee, the feature can be unlocked by either updating the app or waiting until TikTok gives you the feature — as it looks like the app is not giving access to every user at once.

“they are still rolling this feature out – try updating your app, if it’s not there then you’ll have to wait until they give it to you,” @kimmeelee replied to @allimessina.

TikTok did release an update within the last week but didn’t provide a lot of details in its update notes.

“Easily add sound to your video. Kazakh is now supported in TikTok,” read the update notes in the Apple app store.

It’s clear that some reposting feature is being tested for the larger TikTok community, and users just have to wait to get it.

Until then, continue to refresh your profile and see if TikTok granted you the special privilege of seeing your reposts.

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