Woman convicted for incest in Singapore first

A 24-year-old woman was sentenced to 12 months’ probation in court on Monday for having consensual sex with her father, reported The Straits Times.

The woman was 20 when the incident took place at their home in April 2008, while her mother was out.

The New Paper reported that the woman had a good relationship with her 48-year-old father, a plumber, and would go out for drinking sessions. It was after one such session that they had an argument, and they reconciled with a hug, which then escalated into sex, the paper said.

This incident was reported after she sent her friend a text message pleading her to go to the police on her behalf, according to media reports.

Under the terms of her probation, the woman must have sessions with a psychiatrist.

Her father was sentenced to imprisonment three years last January for incest.