Woman finds stainless steel mould in Breadtalk pastry bought from Plaza Singapura outlet, bakery chain says it was left behind accidentally

The woman later said she had rejected BreadTalk's compensation and also filed a complaint with the Singapore Food Agency.

The woman had bought the pastry from BreadTalk's Plaza Singapura branch. (Photos: 小熊是熊二��/Xiaohongshu)
The woman had bought the pastry from BreadTalk's Plaza Singapura branch. (Photos: 小熊是熊二🐻/Xiaohongshu)

SINGAPORE — A BreadTalk customer was caught by surprise whilst snacking on the pastry she had bought from the bakery chain. Instead of soft pastry layers, she bit into what she described as a “steel pipe”.

Sharing her “ridiculous” experience on Chinese social media platform Xiaohongshu on 8 January, the customer wrote that her teeth “nearly broke” when she ate the pastry that she had bought from the Plaza Singapura outlet the night before.

The customer went on Xiaohongshu again on 12 January to share that she had contacted Breadtalk about the incident, and they replied to inform her that the foreign object in her pastry was a stainless steel mould.

A BreadTalk spokesperson told The Straits Times that it was “an unfortunate oversight by our kitchen team during the baking process in-store” and that the brand has removed the product from all their outlets.

She added, “We are reviewing and updating all our internal procedures to prevent similar incidents in the future, including conducting a comprehensive retraining session for all staff members.

“We deeply regret this incident and the discomfort experienced by the customer. Our customers’ well-being and food safety remains our top priority, and we remain committed to upholding rigorous standards.”

She also shared that BreadTalk offered the customer items, including a gift hamper, a dining card and the cost of any dental work the customer required, but the customer rejected the offer.

Complaint filed with Singapore Food Agency

The customer wrote in her social media post that she had rejected the offer as she didn’t want the brand to take the matter lightly. She has also filed a complaint with the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

The SFA said that it is investigating this incident and that the agency “takes a serious view towards food safety and will investigate all feedback alleging poor food safety practices”.

Members of the public who have concerns about food safety practices can send their feedback at

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