Woman whose Dachshund had history of attacking a dog fined for failure to leash

A Dachshund on a leash. (PHOTO :Getty Images)
A Dachshund on a leash. (PHOTO :Getty Images)

SINGAPORE – A woman who failed to keep a dog with a history of aggression on a leash was fined $2,800 on Wednesday (24 November).

Shobhawati Devi Ram Kaval, 61, was the owner of Jimmy, a Dachshund, whom she would walk without a leash even after Jimmy had twice attacked another dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, and its female owner.

Shobhawati was charged on Wednesday but pleaded guilty immediately after indicating she did not wish to contest the charge.

She admitted to two charges of failing to have Jimmy on a leash and under her control on 5 January this year.

Jimmy had previously bitten the Jack Russell on two occasions last year. On 3 January 2020, an unleashed Jimmy attacked the dog, biting it on its thigh.

On 11 February 2020, Shobhawati had leashed Jimmy. But when the pair emerged from the lift, Jimmy lunged at the same Jack Russell and its female owner, biting both. Shobhawati was issued a composition fine of $1,000 previously over this incident.

However, on 28 October last year, Shobhawati was spotted walking Jimmy without a leash again.

On 5 January this year, Shobhawati was walking Jimmy without a leash at the ground floor lift landing of a block in Jurong West Street 52, where they lived.

Later that day, the Jack Russell went for a walk with its owner's 73-year-old father when they came across Jimmy without a leash again. While the man was walking the Jack Russell on a pedestrian walkway close to the block that Shobhawati lived in, Shobhawati appeared at the jogging path with Jimmy, and another friend.

When Jimmy saw the Jack Russell and the man, he ran towards them. The man picked up his dog, afraid that it would get bitten again. Shobhawati then asked her friend to retrieve Jimmy before it could come into contact with the man or the Jack Russell.

The owner of the Jack Russell reported the incident to the National Parks Board (NParks).

NParks Prosecutor Mohammad Packer told the court that the incidents last year had resulted in injuries, with the Jack Russell sustaining bruises on its thigh and a puncture wound. The Jack Russell's owner had a superficial wound on her left wrist after she was bitten by Jimmy.

The prosecutor asked for a $4,000 fine.

District Judge Lorraine Ho said that some form of deterrence was necessary as Shobhawati had a habit of walking her dog without its leash. She also noted that Shobhawati had been given a chance to compound the matter previously.

For failing to leash her dog or having it under her control, Shobhawati could have been fined up to $5,000 on each count.

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