Woman laid off from LinkedIn lands job at Google after sending this video


A woman laid off from LinkedIn secured a higher-paying job at Google by sending an unconventional and innovative video application.

Eyes on the prize: Mariana Kobayashi set her sights on Google after being laid off from her position at LinkedIn in June 2023. Realizing the challenge ahead given the tech giant's selective hiring process, she created a creative video resume detailing her diverse professional background, cultural influences and endorsements from colleagues.

"I'm half Portuguese, a quarter Lebanese, and a quarter Japanese. They're all high-context cultures. So instead of describing myself, I asked some Google and LinkedIn friends to describe me in one word," she shares in the clip, showcasing her charisma and creativity. Her friends described Kobayashi as “charismatic,” "visionary," "creative" and "walking sunshine."

Behind the scenes: In a separate video on LinkedIn, Kobayashi revealed that creating the video took about 10 hours. Using an email lookup tool, she was able to send the video application directly to Google’s hiring manager. When she posted the video on her socials, it generated buzz and quickly went viral.

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What happened next: Kobayashi then found herself on the receiving end of interviews and job offers from different headhunters. Not long after, a Google recruiter reached out and informed her that while she was overqualified for the position she had applied for. They were, however, impressed by Kobayashi's video, and promised to keep her in mind for future opportunities.

Staying proactive: In an interview with Business Insider, Kobayashi revealed she proactively followed up every two months, updating them on her progress and recent efforts. When she spotted an account executive position in September, she applied despite being slightly underqualified. The recruiter reached out to her and connected her with the hiring manager who conducted her interviews.

Trending on NextShark: Woman laid off from LinkedIn lands job at Google after sending this video

The interview process comprised three 45-minute video calls, including a case study and a leadership assessment. Following her interviews, Kobayashi sent two unique documents. One outlined her strengths and why Google should hire her, while the other boldly listed her perceived weaknesses, or "red flags," which include her lack of sales experience. This "why not hire me" document also detailed her concrete plan to address these perceived shortcomings.

Persistence pays off: A month after completing the interviews and weekly follow-ups, Kobayashi was informed that she was in the final pool. A week later, she got an official job offer, securing a position at the tech giant's Dublin office with almost double her previous salary by December last year.

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