Woman Refuses to Rehome Dog Even Though Boyfriend Is Allergic: 'Don't Know If I Believe Him'

According to the poster, the boyfriend says the dog "is annoying and does not behave"

<p>LightFieldStudios/Getty</p> blonde woman holding pug next to man sneezing


blonde woman holding pug next to man sneezing

A woman is stirring conversation on the internet after sharing that she isn't interested in giving up her puppy for her boyfriend, who claims to be allergic.

In a post shared to Reddit, the anonymous woman (who identifies herself only as being 21 years old) says her 21-year-old boyfriend "has grown to dislike" her new puppy over the past two months.

"My boyfriend visits every weekend, since he still lives with his parents," she writes in the post. "And we get into arguments about my puppy most of those weekends, with the last one being that he wants me to give him (my dog) away."

According to the poster, the boyfriend says the dog "is annoying and does not behave."

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<p>Sally Anscombe/Getty</p> woman holding dog

Sally Anscombe/Getty

woman holding dog

"I countered that with the fact that he is only 3 months old, not to mention he’s already potty trained for the most part, very friendly with people and dogs, and can do some tricks," she writes.

"That being said, in one of the arguments, he brought up a hypothetical: 'Would you give him away if I was allergic.' I’ll admit I said yes, since he has shown no signs of allergies. Or at least I thought."

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Now, the boyfriend is claiming to have signs of an allergic reaction, and recently told the girlfriend he was experiencing "a painful rash and he’s certain it is from my dog."

"I don’t know if I believe him," the poster writes. "Especially since he hasn’t been over in 2 days."

<p>Catalin205/Getty</p> Man sneezing next to woman holding dog


Man sneezing next to woman holding dog

In an attempt to come to a compromise, the poster says she offered to "buy an air purifier, de-shedder, and wash the sheets every week before he comes."

The boyfriend, however, "says none of that will help."

Now, the poster wants to know: is she in the wrong for not wanting to give the dog away, even though she said she would if he were allergic?

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Commenters have weighed in, with some saying the boyfriend seems "petty" and noting that relationships often "don't last," whereas a pet will remain by the woman's side.

"Fur babies are for life. Boyfriends are replaceable," wrote one.

"The timing of his allergies is very convenient," wrote another. "It seems like he's lying to get you to do what he wants, which raises many red flags for the future."

Still, one poster offered much more blunt advice: "Keep the puppy. Dump the boyfriend asap."

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