Woman Says Nosy In-Laws Snoop Around Her Home, Open Cabinets — and Commenters Have the Perfect Solutions

The homeowner called out her relatives' behavior in a post shared to Reddit on Wednesday

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of a man peeking his head into a room


A stock image of a man peeking his head into a room

A homeowner is seeking advice after her in-laws won’t stop snooping through her home.

A woman who goes by overthinker2510 on Reddit shared her frustrating experience with her husband's family. The couple have lived in their new home for nearly two years, she says, and various family members keep inviting themselves over for a whole-house tour — including inside cabinets and private closets.

The original poster (OP) explained the extent of their "annoying" behavior in a post shared to the AmItheA–hole subreddit on Wednesday, asking readers if she was right to be fed up or overreacting?

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She explains that she has “put up with” this behavior because her husband has “always been fine with it,” adding that his family “probably grew up with being open about everything” so they don’t think they’re being rude.

“Personally, I'm an introvert and I value my personal space,” she says. “Disclaimer: I'm fine if they just want to bring them over to hang out/have a look downstairs but I'm not ok to do a full fledged home tour that includes the bedroom.”

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<p>getty</p> A stock image of hands reaching out of a cabinet


A stock image of hands reaching out of a cabinet

The endless stream of visiting relatives also goes beyond the usual room-to-room walk through. Instead peaking into every closet and crevice, she says.

“I had locked the store rooms for a reason (not wanting them to see how messy it is) but they tried turning the knob themselves and asked why is it locked.” She adds that even after explaining the door led to an untidy storage space, they still “insisted” she open it.

The next thing that “ticked me off,” the OP explained, is when “they would just open the kitchen cabinets without even asking for permission.” 

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Later in the post, she adds that her husband once admitted he’s “excited to show the house off” which is why he's okay with these impromptu tours happening. 

Though the couple came to a compromise ahead of more relatives coming to visit in the future, the OP concludes the post by asking her fellow Reddit users: “AITA for not wanting every single relative of his to tour the house?”

<p>getty</p> Stock photo of two people sitting away from each other.


Stock photo of two people sitting away from each other.

The post’s comments section is flooded with users’ validating her feelings and sharing some interesting suggestions on how to put an end to the tours.

One user wrote that the OP is definitely NTA (not the a–-hole), but suggested that she let her husband conduct the tours. “He can deal with their questions and, if he's not worried about the tidiness, he can deal with their judgments.”

Another agreed, “I'd be really irritated if my own family did this, let alone my in-laws. Who asks why a door is locked, lol? Can you just tell your husband that he needs to tell his family that they are welcome to view the main floor but the bedrooms, locked spaces, and closets are off limits?”

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A different user wrote, “The second someone said to me they are bringing someone over to tour my house, my reply would have been NO YOU ARE NOT!! That needs to be your reply. There is no excuse for that type of nosiness.”

Some commenters had more unconventional techniques in mind.

“Buy some sex toys. Leave them in cabinets,” one wrote. Another had a similar idea: "I'd be tempted to set up a fake 'sex dungeon' vibe in the storeroom."

One user advised the OP to set up “jump scare devices” around the house.

Another wrote, "I would put index cards with synonyms for ‘nosy’ on the inside door of each cabinet and in each drawer."

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