World Rose Day 2021: History and Significance

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World Rose Day is observed every year in different parts of the world on 22 September. This day is dedicated to cancer patients.

As we all know, cancer is one of those deadly diseases which has a huge impact on patient's body and mind. The taxing nature of the treatment makes things very difficult for many patients and their caregivers.

Therefore, World Rose Day is observed annually to bring joy in their lives, to cheer them up and to remind them that they are not alone in this battle.

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World Rose Day: History

World Rose Day for cancer patients is observed in honour of Melinda Rose, a Canadian girl, who was diagnosed with Askin's Tumour, a rare blood cancer when she was just 12-years-old. Doctors said that she only has few more weeks to live, but because of her undying spirit and hope, she went on to live for six months. She spent this time cheering up other cancer patients by sharing poems, letters, verses, e-mails, etc, with them.

Her kindness and hope in such difficult times of her life, worked as an inspiration for World Rose Day.

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World Rose Day: Significance

As mentioned above, the fight against cancer is a difficult and an exhaustive one which, at times, takes a toll on the physical and mental health of patients. As a society, it becomes very important for us to try to bring happiness in their lives and cheer them. People on World Rose Day, give roses to cancer patients. This day also plays an important role in spreading awareness about cancer and how early detections helps in curing most of them.

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