Wuhan coronavirus: MOH confirms patient taken from Eastpoint Mall to hospital for investigation

FILE PHOTO: Dhany Osman/Yahoo News Singapore
FILE PHOTO: Dhany Osman/Yahoo News Singapore

SINGAPORE – A patient who was suspected of having the Wuhan coronavirus was taken by a dedicated ambulance from Eastpoint Mall to hospital, the Ministry of Health (MOH) confirmed.

In a statement posted on its website, the health ministry said that it has verified that the patient was first seen at the mall’s Raffles Medical clinic on Thursday (23 January).

“We would like to assure the public that this is part of the protocols that MOH has put in place to safeguard public safety,” the ministry said.

Earlier, a video showing the patient being carried out on a stretcher into an ambulance had been shared online and via chat applications.

Separately, a message asking the public not to visit certain public hospital has also been making its rounds on WhatsApp. On this, the MOH said, “We would like to clarify that all public hospitals have strict protocols to handle and manage suspect cases related to the novel coronavirus. Suspect cases presented at the hospitals will be immediately isolated and further assessed.”

It added, “If you receive this message or any other unsubstantiated information over WhatsApp or other platforms, we urge you not to forward or circulate them.”

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