Wuhan virus: Man from Wuhan is first case in Singapore to fully recover

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong at the multi-ministry taskforce briefing in Singapore on 4 February 2020. (PHOTO: Dhany Osman/Yahoo News Singapore)
Health Minister Gan Kim Yong at the multi-ministry taskforce briefing in Singapore on 4 February 2020. (PHOTO: Dhany Osman/Yahoo News Singapore)

SINGAPORE — A man from Wuhan has become the first patient with the Wuhan novel coronavirus in Singapore to have fully recovered from the virus.

The 35-year-old Wuhan resident was discharged from the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID) on Tuesday (4 February). He had tested negative for the virus for three consecutive days before being released, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) at a media briefing chaired by a multi-ministry taskforce on Tuesday.

The man had arrived in Singapore on 23 January and developed symptoms a day after. He went to Raffles Hospital and was transferred to the NCID.

The man, who had stayed at Marina Bay Sands before being admitted into the NCID, tested positive for the coronavirus on 27 January at 11pm. He was previously confirmed as the seventh patient to be down with the virus.

Apart from the man, another patient could also be discharged in the next few days. Among the other confirmed cases, three are showing no symptoms, while five are on oxygen support as they are suffering from pneumonia. None of the patients are critically ill, according to the MOH.

Six new cases of the Wuhan coronavirus were confirmed by MOH on Tuesday, four of whom are Singapore’s first batch of confirmed cases of local transmission.

Two of the four cases in the locally transmitted cluster are workers at Yong Thai Heng, a health products shop at Cavan Road. One of the cases is an Indonesian maid working for one of the workers. The fourth is a tour guide who brought Chinese tourist groups to the shop.

The other two new cases were from a group of 92 Singaporeans who were evacuated from Wuhan, where the virus originated, last Thursday. The ministry maintained that there was no evidence of widespread sustained community transmission in Singapore.

With the latest announcement, Singapore has 24 confirmed cases, the territory with the second highest number outside mainland China after Thailand.

The coronavirus has spread to 26 territories beyond mainland China, sickening close over 20,000 people worldwide and causing 425 deaths.

(INFOGRAPHIC: Yahoo News Singapore)
(INFOGRAPHIC: Yahoo News Singapore)

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