Yahoo Poll: Iconic Singapore buildings – heritage or eyesore?

Golden Mile Complex. (Photo via Coconuts)

News of the possibility of the Golden Mile Complex being sold en-bloc has once again sparked debate over the sanctity of iconic old buildings in Singapore.

The horseshoe-shaped Pearlbank Apartments was sold en-bloc in February 2018, and the prospect of losing such a distinctive shape from our skyline caused much soul-searching in a young nation whose built environment is constantly evolving.

A petition to save these two icons, as well as the brutalist Chinatown icon People’s Park, has been started by Singapore architects who are hoping to see these buildings given conservation status.

These buildings are all more than 40 years old, with each facing complaints about the state of the building as well as the tenants they attract.

In view of this, do you feel they should be conserved? Or should they be torn down to make way for buildings that might be less distinctive but that are more modern?

Have your say in our poll and leave a comment below.

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