Yahoo Poll: Should Singapore keep Section 377A?

The light up at Pink Dot 2018 in Singapore. (Photo: Stefanus Ian/Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)

India’s Supreme Court recently partially struck down Section 377 of the Penal Code, a colonial-era law that criminalised gay sex.

The five-judge bench held that Section 377 is irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary, and hence, unconstitutional.

Soon after that landmark ruling, a prominent veteran Singapore diplomat, Tommy Koh, called on the LGBT community in Singapore to “bring a class action to challenge the constitutionality of Section 377A”, which is the particular section of the Singapore law outlawing sex acts between men.

This prompted a response from Minister for Law and Home Affairs, K Shanmugam, who said it was a matter for Parliament to decide. He added that in policies such as these, public opinion is often relevant.

What do you think? Should Singapore keep the law on its books, or is it time do away with this rarely-enforced “piece of decoration“? Take our poll, and leave a comment below.

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