Yahoo Poll: Is SMRT CEO's move to sell his car a step in the right direction?

Minister Khaw Boon Wan (left) wishing SMRT CEO Neo Kian Hong all the best. (Photo: Facebook/Khaw Boon Wan)

Incoming SMRT chief executive officer (CEO) Neo Kian Hong recently told the media that he has sold his car, and he will rely on public transport instead.

According to a Channel NewsAsia report, Neo said: “I sold my car earlier on, but I didn’t want to buy a new car, because it is more useful for me to take the MRT to understand the issues and take our company’s assets like our taxis and buses.”

Given his role as the head of a public transport operator, this makes sense, as it could be argued he should be aware of what it’s like for commuters.

However, it could also be argued that as the boss of such a large company, his time is too valuable to be spent on the train – especially if service breaks down.

What do you think? Should Neo Kian Hong have sold his car, or was this an impractical move on his part? Take our poll and leave a comment below.

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