‘IF’: Yes, There’s a Subtle ‘Deadpool’ Easter Egg in Ryan Reynolds’ New Film

Ryan Reynolds often finds a way to get little winks to “Deadpool” in many of his movies, and that holds true for “IF.” But you need to hang around for the credits to catch it.

The actor stars in Paramount’s new film, in theaters now and written and directed by “A Quiet Place” director John Krasinski, as Cal. Together, he and a young girl named Bea (Cailey Fleming) strive to help all the imaginary friends of the world — or IFs, as they’re called — to find new children to bond with after the kids that dreamed them up have grown into adults and forgotten them.

Cal has all the sass and sarcasm you might expect from a Reynolds character, but there’s no real tie between him and Deadpool. In fact, the easter egg doesn’t even center on Reynolds at all. It instead continues a gag from “Deadpool 2.”

Among the many IFs in this film is one named Keith. He’s invisible and has no lines, but is often hanging out right in everyone’s way. Keith even made most of the trailers for “IF,” causing Reynolds to trip and face-plant multiple times, angrily calling out “Keith!”

Given that Keith has no lines, you wouldn’t expect a famous celebrity to voice him, as is the case with the other IFs — but you’d be wrong. Because, as the credits roll, fans will spot a message: “Introducing Brad Pitt as Keith.”

Now, “Deadpool” fans will almost certainly understand this right away. But for those unfamiliar, Pitt also played an invisible character with no lines in “Deadpool 2.”

He’s known as The Vanisher, and the only reason we know Pitt played him is because, at the start of their mission, he flies into some power lines. When he’s electrocuted, his invisibility wears off, revealing Pitt’s face. He has no lines in the film otherwise, and isn’t seen again.

It’s unclear if the decision to continue the gag came from Reynolds or Krasinski, or possibly both. But nonetheless, it makes for a fun easter egg in the credits.

“IF” is now in theaters everywhere.

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