Yishun flat floods with mud water after underground pipe bursts

PUB cuts off water supply for two hours and conducts repair works, town council cleaners help to clean unit

Flooded Yishun flat from burst underground pipe
Flooded Yishun flat from burst underground pipe (Photos: Derrick Goh Soon Hee/Facebook)

SINGAPORE - A ground-floor flat in Yishun was flooded with mud water after an underground pipe burst on Monday (1 May).

The Public Utilities Board (PUB) told Yahoo Southeast Asia that they were alerted to a pipe leak at Block 401 Yishun Avenue 6 at around 1.20 pm on Monday.

Water supply to some units had to be cut off for about two hours for urgent repair works before it was restored at 4.30pm. During the cutoff, a water wagon was arranged to supply water to affected residents.

A plumbing contractor was sent to the scene to clean up the affected unit together with Nee Soon Town Council.

Nee Soon GRC Member of Parliament Derrick Goh also took to Facebook to share the incident, saying that cleaners from 800 Super, a homegrown environmental services provider, were engaged to help move furniture out of the flat and clean the unit.

How the pipe leak was discovered

According to Mandarin newspaper Lianhe Zaobao, the owner of the unit is a 52-year-old taxi driver who had spent $100,000 on brand new furniture and decorations for his four-bedroom unit in November last year.

At around 1pm on Monday, he and his wife had heard the sound of running water, which his wife assumed was rain.

Upon walking to the house window, he discovered that the water pipe had burst. The drain hole in the master bedroom's toilet began gushing out muddy water a few moments later.

Furniture in the unit was completely soaked and a thick layer of mud was left after the water had receded. The unit was only completely clean at around 7.15pm that evening.

A video showing silty water gushing out of the unit has also been uploaded on Instagram page Sgfollowsall on Tuesday (2 May).

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