You're going to need a bigger bowl: Highway bandits in Mexico make off with 40 tons of avocados

MEXICO CITY (AP) — You’re going to need a bigger bowl.

Highway bandits in Mexico made off with over 40 tons of avocados, federal prosecutors said Friday.

The Attorney General's Office said the avocados were stolen in two separate robberies in the western state of Michoacan, Mexico’s main producer of the fruit.

In both cases, armed men stopped freight trucks carrying about 20 tons each, and stole the shipments. Avocados are usually shipped in crates, which would make transferring the load easier and quicker.

Avocado growers have long been targeted by drug cartel extortion demands in Michoacan, and thefts of fruit on the trees in avocado orchards are not unknown. But hijackings of entire shipments are rare.