Zachary Levi Backs RFK for President: ‘The Best We’ve Had in a Long Time’

Zachary Levi is standing behind independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., with the “Shazam” actor throwing his endorsement to the environmental lawyer on social media.

“Hey y’all. I know a lot of you already have strong opinions about all the presidential candidates, but if you haven’t already seen this video about RFKJ, I’d highly recommend giving it a look,” Levi wrote in an X post on Wednesday. “No candidate is perfect, but this man is the best we’ve had in a long time.”

Levi commented in a quoted repost over a May 4 video of Kennedy reading off negative opinions and headlines about himself. The video, titled “Who is Bobby Kennedy? What if he’s not crazy?” was narrated by actor Woody Harrelson.

In October 2023, Kennedy announced his run for president as an independent candidate, opting out of battling against President Joe Biden in the Democratic primary. The longtime vaccine skeptic has mentioned some of his policies on major concerns for Americans, including defense of Israel’s response to Hamas’s Oct. 7, 2023 attack on Gaza. He also has said that he believes all abortions are a “tragedy” but women should have the right to one “throughout pregnancy.”

And Levi isn’t the first to step up for Kennedy; there’s a slew of others, like Rob Schneider, Alicia Silverstone, Kevin Spacey, Cheryl Hines, Jenny McCArthy and more.

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