M'sian woman behind porn blog asks: It’s my own life, why can’t you be more open?

Vivian Lee defends herself and wishes people were more open about the blog posts. (Photo taken from Vivian's FB profile)

She and National University of Singapore (NUS) law scholar Alvin Tan Jye Yee have been the talk of the town -- on both sides of the Causeway.

Vivian Lee, 23, has been featured on tabloids, newspapers and online media in recent days for posting sexually-explicit photos and videos of herself and Tan on their personal blog “Sumptuous Erotica”, which has since been taken down.

But speaking to Yahoo! Singapore on Thursday, the Malaysian said she has no regrets about showing her private and sexual life to the world. Having said that, she admitted the blog was taken down due to “family pressure”.

“It’s not because we wanted to take down the blog but both our families were pressing us to do so. We were cool with the situation but my family was embarrassed and unhappy about it,” said Lee over the phone from Johore Bahru.

“My parents told me that I should have kept my personal life private and I didn’t need to show it to the world. I just thought: It’s my own life, why can’t you be more open about it?” recounted Lee, who was pictured on the blog in various states of undress.

On her Malaysian boyfriend Tan, Lee said they have been dating for six months and said it was lust at first sight.

"We had sex on our first meeting because we hit it off so well," confessed Lee.

On how their blog started, Lee said they got the idea after their nude photos on Facebook kept getting flagged and reported.

“We didn’t do it for the attention but for personal enjoyment. I have to clear this up because people keep thinking we were seeking attention but in fact, it was the attention that found us,” she insisted.

On the website, the couple said they loved posting about their sex life on the web “for everyone to enjoy” and that they upload only self-made content.

Some of the explicit photos on their blog showed the couple's naked bodies or body parts, and one showed a blood-stained sanitary pad. Home-made videos posted online include a make-believe rape scene and the couple having sex.

Lee admitted she was shocked when she found out that the link for “Sumptuous Erotica” was spreading like wildfire and going viral on local Singaporean blogs.

“Most of our followers are from US and UK, the western parts of the world. We don’t have a huge following in Asia but someone from Asia found our blog and first posted it on the HardwareZone forum, and it circulated from there. The link got to game sites and other forums after that; but from there everything went crazy,” she recalled.

She also said that she took the news rather calmly because there was nothing else she could do. The consequences of putting up such a site also did not occur to Lee but she admits that she is a little worried about the legal issues surrounding the situation.

“I am a little fearful but not that threatened. It is slightly worrying, but we can face it. If it comes to us then we’ll take it as it is but for now let nature take its course. I’m not affected by what is happening regarding our posts too,” said the graduate from a Malacca university.

Lee says she is currently looking for a job but also enjoying her life “spending (her) free time cooking, hanging out with men and meeting Tan”.

“Some have called us brave, some say we are shameless but I don’t care about what my family or society thinks about me. I’m living my life as it is,” Lee said.