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The picturesque Flemish city of Bruges, which became even more famous after the 2018 film, In Bruges, receives around 90 lakh visitors annually. To avoid its Disneyfication, Bruges has been taking stringent measures to crack down on overtourism. This includes limiting the number of cruise ships docked in the port to two at any point of time, ending all advertisements promoting Bruges as a day trip destination and aiming for quality tourists who stay longer and invest more locally, instead.  Image credit: Image by Eduardo Ruiz from Pixabay

10 destinations that are suffering from overtourism

In a bid to curb overtourism which is causing damage to the environment, Venice will monitor tourists to cut down congestion at major tourists spots. Venice’s economy is largely fuelled by tourism - the city receives nearly 3 crore tourists annually, and this number is growing. However, a large number of tourists (around 30,000 tourists during summer) arrive by cruise lines, are day-trippers and contribute little to the economy. The ships add on to the pollution and destroy the lagoon that Venice sits on.

This has prompted the local Government to put into place measures to curb tourists and monitor their flow. Last year, Venice had made plans of banning cruise ships from docking in the city, however, that did not materialise. Venice has now reportedly installed a system of sensors and cameras which can intercept data from mobile phones to help curb overcrowding at tourist spots.

Tourism, while economically beneficially to a destination, can be harmful if uncontrolled. Like Venice, a number of other popular tourist destinations are facing the dangers of overtourism and are taking various measures to curb it. We take a look: