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10 Miniature Dog Breeds That Are More Than Happy In Tiny Apartments

Keeping a dog in an apartment might seem like a bad idea at first, but there's a way to do it right. For starters, you'll want to look for a miniature dog breed that's suitable for apartments. But size isn't the only thing to consider: You'll also want to consider the dog's energy level, according to The Honest Kitchen.

Apartment dwellers should look for breeds with moderate to lower levels of energy, as they won't require a huge backyard to run around in, and could instead get plenty of exercise on short walks and while playing indoors. Dog owners with tiny apartments should also be prepared to invest time in training their dog so that it behaves appropriately in an apartment. Some small dog breeds, even if they're suitable for apartments in every other way, are very chatty and will need training to discourage barking and keep your neighbors happy.

Regardless of your dog’s breed and training, no pup spend all day alone in the apartment. If you work away from home you should hire a dog walker or pet sitter to spend some time with your pup while you’re away.

Now that you have most of the facts, here are some miniature dog breeds whose energy levels make them perfect for tiny living spaces.

10 Miniature Dog Breeds That Are More Than Happy In Tiny Apartments

They won't complain about the square footage — as long as you cuddle them, of course.

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